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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I need information on custom solutions/partnering with Houndify
We have all the components to help you bring your voice AI strategy to life. Contact the Houndify sales team here to discuss custom voice solutions. You can also get access to Houndify APIs, SDKs, and tools by creating a free developer account here.
What is Houndify?
Houndify is a voice AI platform that allows anyone to add smart, conversational interfaces to anything with an internet connection. Once you integrate with Houndify, your product will instantly understand a wide variety of verbal questions and commands. What makes us unique is that rather than being one link in a chain of technologies, Houndify is a one-stop destination for all of the technologies needed to voice enable any product. It includes large scale speech recognition, combined with powerful natural language understanding. Houndify integrates many of the most popular content providers (including Yelp, Uber, Accuweather, and more), allowing voice access to information seamlessly.
How Do I Get Started?
Developers can get up and running within minutes. Houndify is platform agnostic, so you can build it once and deploy it everywhere. Take a look at our Quick Start guide to get your Houndify-powered client up and running.
Where is the Houndify platform available?
Houndify is available globally, but several of the domains are optimized for use in the U.S. (e.g. local search). We plan to support more countries and languages in the future for these domains, but we don’t have specific timelines for when it might be available in other areas.
Can I use Houndify for different languages?
The Houndify platform supports many different spoken languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Indian-accented English, German, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, and more.

In order to develop a Houndify client in a language other than English, please contact us to find out more.
What are Domains?
Domains are programs that allow the Houndify server to respond to queries on a certain topic. For example, the "Weather" domain allows Houndify to understand weather queries such as "What’s the temperature in San Francisco?" and then ask follow up questions like, "How about in San Jose?" As a developer, you can choose the domains that your client will want to integrate. You can learn more about domains here.
How many domains do you offer?
With over 150 customizable domains, Houndify can be utilized to piece together your solution based on your exact needs. Key public domains include weather, navigation, local search, music, sports, flight stats and more. We can also help you create a custom domain for your business.
What if I only want to do speech to text?
Houndify performs both recognition (speech to text) and understanding (natural language and context parsing). If you only want to use the recognition feature, you should only enable the "Speech To Text Only" domain for your client.
Can I create a custom domain?
Currently, Houndify supports adding Custom Commands that allow you to add your own custom phrases and queries. Fully customized domains are not publicly available at the moment, but we’re working hard to give our developer community this ability soon. Click here to let us know you’re interested in creating a custom domain, and we’ll keep you updated.
Which SDKs are available for Houndify?
While we’re working to implement new SDKs, here’s a list of what’s currently available:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • C++
  • Web
  • Python
  • Java
  • C Sharp
For more information, and to download the SDKs, please click here.
How much does it cost to use Houndify?
Houndify works on a credit system. Each query made to the Houndify API costs some number of credits. There are both Free and Premium plans available. You can find more detailed pricing information here. We also work with larger enterprise clients to offer custom AI solutions that match your needs. Contact our sales team to discuss custom Voice AI solutions here.
What browsers work best with Houndify?
To make sure you have best experience possible, we recommend using the most up-to-date version of one of the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
How do I sign up for free trial? Do you offer a free trial?
We offer a free trial. To get access to Houndify APIs, SDKs, and tools create a free developer account here.
Where can I get info on integration/SDKs/domains?
To get access to access to more information, Houndify APIs, SDKs, and tools create a free developer account here.

Access detailed FAQs and more by creating a free Houndify account.