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A unique voice to deliver engaging brand experiences.
When customers speak to your product or application, they make an immediate emotional decision about your brand. The voice you choose is as important to your brand as your logo, colors, mission statement, and corporate messaging. Make a positive lasting impression with a custom TTS that communicates your unique brand identity.

Library of Voices

Find the voice that speaks to your brand from a library of standard voices. We offer an extensive selection of voices to add personality to your voice user interfaces. If you can't find one that fits your needs, we can create a customized voice built with your users in mind.

Multilingual Support

Ensure your products and applications are part of the conversation with Text-to-Speech that's able to respond in the native language of your users and with accurate local accents and dialects. When you work with us, you'll have access to TTS supporting 30+ languages and dialects, representing over 60 percent of the world's languages—with more on the way.
Percent Word Error Rate (WER) vs Model Iteration
Percent Word Error Rate (WER) vs Model Iteration
Advanced Speech SynthesisAdvanced Speech Synthesis

Advanced Speech Synthesis

Our TTS solutions exceed the typical criteria for naturalness, intelligibility, comprehensibility, and intonation. We customize your voice by integrating your customized lexicon—including names, acronyms, and product-specific language and adapting his/her speaking style to fit the context of your unique users.
Neural Text-to-Speech SolutionsNeural Text-to-Speech Solutions

Neural Text-to-Speech Solutions

Our machine learning algorithms transform recorded voices into large databases of spoken sounds to form entire vocabularies of natural language—adapted to your user's environment. We can transform any voice to generate a high-quality TTS with a small CPU footprint.
Embedded and Cloud-based TTSEmbedded and Cloud-based TTS

Embedded and Cloud-based TTS

Increase on-device responsiveness with always-on connectivity. Whether your device or product has full internet connectivity or not, we have a robust solution to meet your needs. Even without a cloud connection, we have the expertise and the tools to deliver the highest quality TTS.

Multiple SDKs for Developers

Choose from an extensive library of platforms to develop your natural language voice solution. Our list of supported SDKs is continually growing and currently includes the most commonly used SDKs—with more on the way.
React Native
To see our full list of SDKs, open a free account.

Find Your Vocal Brand Identity

Partnering with us for a custom TTS gives developers all the tools and expertise needed to create unique VUIs and a vocal brand identity.
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