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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Advanced acoustic and language modeling for superior speech-to-text accuracy.
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Houndify's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology delivers higher sentence accuracy through embedded meaning and a richer context for recognizing words. The integration of our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) components enables our neural network-based ASR to transcribe complex speech with greater precision.

Percent Word Error Rate (WER) vs Model Iteration

Percent Word Error Rate (WER) vs Model Iteration
Percent Word Error Rate (WER) vs Model Iteration

Houndify's ASR Engine

Our highly optimized, tunable, and scalable ASR engine supports vocabulary sizes containing millions of words. Houndify's machine learning infrastructure allows us to tune the engine to achieve optimal CPU performance while delivering higher accuracy rates.

Improved Acoustic Modeling

Houndify's acoustic modeling architecture uses machine learning to increase word recognition accuracy. Rapid iteration is possible due to our accelerated training pipeline and architecture that improves as data is collected. Highly accurate transcriptions result from advanced acoustic models trained to perform in a variety of scenarios—including in severely noisy environments and when accented language is spoken.

Data Augmentation: Far-Field and Noisy Environments

Noisy environments present unique challenges for ASR. By augmenting our data with the unique characteristics of your user's environment, such as ambient noise, multiple speakers, and echos, we are able to deliver ASR models that operate with unprecedented accuracy.
Data Augmentation: Far-Field and Noisy Environments
Data Augmentation: Far-Field and Noisy Environments
Advanced Language ModelingAdvanced Language Modeling

Advanced Language Modeling

We've integrated Neural Network Language models and elements of NLU to allow Houndify ASR to understand the context of the spoken word. The result is a technology that delivers higher-quality statistical models in the presence of compound sentences, resulting in increased transcription accuracy.


We support languages for over 60 percent of the world's population
Houndify's advanced machine learning techniques improve the accuracy of a specific language. Our growing library of languages provides the data necessary to quickly train highly accurate models for new languages.
Accented Language AccuracyAccented Language Accuracy

Accented Language Accuracy

Our acoustic models are exposed to robust training data that cover a wide range of subjects—both native language and second language speakers. Training data includes distinct regional models for large populations with known variations and benchmarks to ensure that future improvements can be measured for accuracy.
Embedded SolutionsEmbedded Solutions

Embedded Solutions

Whether your device or product has full internet connectivity or not, we have a solution to meet your needs. Even without a cloud connection, we can deliver robust ASR capabilities to voice-enable any product or device. Our range of embedded technology solutions begins with highly-efficient, low-footprint integrations for smart products.
Hybrid/Cloud SolutionsHybrid/Cloud Solutions

Hybrid/Cloud Solutions

Real world conditions are variable. Hybrid technology ensures robust ASR even when mobile networks are weak or unavailable. Using a hybrid approach that combines embedded technology and cloud connectivity, your product can perform ASR functions anytime and anywhere without the need to manually switch between local and cloud connections.

Beam Forming

Sound quality and audio signal processing are improved through sophisticated beamforming technology.

Echo Cancellation

Houndify echo cancellation and noise reduction technologies maximize voice AI performance.

Higher Sentence Accuracy with Advanced Machine Learning

Partner with us to get a highly optimized, tunable, and scalable ASR engine that supports vocabulary sizes containing millions of words with optimal CPU performance.