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Customizable Domains to Turn Data Into Conversations

Customizable Domains to Turn Data Into Conversations

A growing library of domains and robust partnerships.
Customizable Domains to Turn Data Into Conversations
Content domains allow our voice AI platform to respond to queries on a particular topic. For example, a weather domain, such as AccuWeather, allows SoundHound's voice AI platform to understand questions such as, "What's the temperature in San Francisco?" Our vast library of domains and the ability to create customized domains gives developers the choice and flexibility to add the greatest value to their voice-enabled products.

Public Domains

Our library of over 100 domains is available with your free developer account. SoundHound public domains give developers instant access to a broad range of content to fit their unique use cases. Include content ranging from sports scores to weather, music, podcasts, travel information, recipes, ride sharing, and a lot more.

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Private Domains

Enhance your product functionality or proprietary operations with Private Domains. Control access to your private domains securely on the SoundHound platform while retaining the ability to iterate and update content. We can help create the domains you need to provide the greatest brand value possible.

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Custom CommandsCustom Commands

Custom Commands

SoundHound's Custom Commands enable developers to fine-tune voice experiences by modifying queries to match users' likely phrasing. Every domain on the SoundHound platform comes with a default set of commands and the flexibility for developers to customize expressions by adding their own unique commands.

Expanding Domain Partnerships

Our domain partnerships ensure SoundHound users get the most accurate responses to their questions. Our growing library of content domains is always expanding to include content for every industry and every context. We also have the tools to create your own custom domain to meet your voice experience goals.
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Collective AI® VisionCollective AI® Vision

Collective AI® Vision

Collective AI is the actualization of SoundHound’s mission to deliver a powerful architecture that encourages contribution and collaboration among developers. Our platform is always learning, is crowdsourced to domain experts, and is larger than the sum of its parts —ensuring that our clients’ voice solutions continue to grow smarter in the future.

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Access Public and Private Domains

Accelerate your development efforts with instant access to a broad range of content to fit your voice-related needs. We can help you build custom domains to suit your unique voice query use cases.