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A Dedicated Wake Word For Your Brand

Your voice roadmap is a critical extension of your brand. Houndify lets customers interact with your products using your own branded wake word. Control your product voice experience and deepen user engagement with your fully owned built-in voice assistant.

Wake Word Partnerships

Houndify’s independent platform allows for full freedom of brand ownership, user experience, and customer data. Our partners have built personalized voice assistants catering specifically to their needs — ensuring their voice strategy aligns with their brand strategy.

Key Features

Flexible phrase spotter

Includes a multi-phrase active spotter, offering multiple wake phrases in one model with minimal CPU impact. Users can switch between various wake word options at runtime with no extra CPU cost. This allows for integration of third-party assistants alongside your own, including Alexa and Google.

Locally embedded into hardware with command recognizer

Houndify wake words don’t require a cloud connection, offering a fast response anytime. In addition, our command recognizers allow for everyday voice actions without always requiring a specific wake word trigger.

Data augmentation process with false positive suppression

We maximize wake word performance with thorough testing from within the product’s target environment (including at home, in-car, outdoors, and more), filtering a range of background noises. We offer broader augmentation detection even in loud environments and varying distances and train models with custom data to eliminate false positive triggers.

Ongoing optimization

Our partnerships offer constant and ongoing wake word improvement. This results in a long term commitment to fine-tuning wake word performance using in-production data.

Biometric Speaker ID

We offer programmable verification of user-approved speakers with highly accurate differentiation across human voices. Includes identification of individual speakers for customized responses to the same spoken phrases.

Accelerated development and delivery

Houndify custom wake words can be delivered in only a few weeks, thanks to our comprehensive data collection and labeling process.

Alexa Certified

We meet Amazon Alexa Certification requirements for standalone integration of Alexa or alongside your custom branded voice assistant.


Our advanced machine learning algorithms and Deep Neural Networks provide broad robustness to our high-volume training data. This results in the highest wake word response accuracy in the market.


We offer flexible pricing based on your needs, and can deliver custom branded wake words in weeks thanks to our comprehensive data collection and labeling process. Our partnerships are hands-on, with dedicated engineers available for the highest accuracy and performance.