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Increase user engagement, accelerate growth, and unlock product value with a voice-enabled mobile app. Get ahead of your competitors and retain your user data in an increasingly voice-first world by adding voice AI to an experience you already control—your mobile app.
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of adults now use mobile voice search at least once a day
Houndify Platform
of U.S. smartphone owners have used voice assistants on mobile
Source: 99firms
Houndify Platform
expected value of global voice commerce by 2022
Source: 99firms
WEBINAR: How Brands Are Voice-Enabling Mobile Apps to Drive Engagement

WEBINAR: How Brands Are Voice-Enabling Mobile Apps to Drive Engagement

Our expert panel, including Pandora, BigOven, and Meredith Corp. discuss the market shift to more voice-enabled mobile apps.

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E-BOOK: A voice strategy is now a must-have for your mobile app

How leading brands are reducing navigational complexity and increasing engagement with voice-enabled mobile apps.

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Whether you're a paying subscriber, or on the ad supported tier, you can still say the same thing like “Play me something I like” and Voice Mode knows what to bring back to you. So you're delighted and continue to come back.
Ananya Sharan
Sr. Product Manager,
AI solution for any business

Reduce Navigational Complexity

Increase engagement and reduce the user frustration and app abandonment that occurs as the result of touch-only screen interface limitations. The convenience of a hands-free voice interface allows users to make complex requests, ask for features, and accomplish tasks without needing to know what they're called or where they're located within your menu of options.

Add More Functionality

Expand the number of available features and capabilities of your mobile app through a conversational, natural language voice interface. Free from the limitations of a physical interface, your voice-enabled mobile app can grow to offer a multitude of features and choices accessed with a simple voice query.
Conversational Interfaces for Greater EngagementConversational Interfaces for Greater Engagement

Conversational Interfaces for Greater Engagement

Beyond Command and Control

Limited by early technology, legacy voice interfaces demanded the use of specific language and delivered inaccurate responses. Houndify's unique, one-step approach to ASR and NLU—Speech-to-Meaning ®—understands complex questions in real-time and delivers the most accurate and rapid response possible—unlocking possibilities and delighting users.
While Scan helps you to learn about what you see in front of you, Voice Scan will now give you results based on what you are saying, thanks to our partnership with SoundHound. Say "Hello" to Voice Scan.
Carolina Arguelles
Product Marketing,
Camera, Snap Inc.
AI solution for any business

Own Your Voice Roadmap

Create a direct customer connection—not available through third party assistants like Alexa and Google—with your independent voice-enabled mobile app. Realize the immediate benefits of increased user retention, greater engagement, and accelerated growth. Control your product roadmap by taking control of your brand experience and gain valuable insights by owning user data.
Your Brand Your Voice
Your Brand Your Voice

Increase User Retention

Keep users engaged with a voice option for a mobile app they already use, love, and trust, or expand your customer base by launching a new voice-enabled mobile app. Soon, brands without a voice-enabled mobile strategy may find their customers gravitating toward apps with more convenient, hands-free methods of interacting.
Wake Words
Wake Words

Customize Your Wake Word

Own your mobile voice experience, deepen user engagement, and build brand awareness and affinity with a custom, branded wake word (or wake phrase). Create connections, personalize interactions, and boost product value when you begin each conversation between your independent voice assistant and your customers with a branded wake word.
Your Brand Your Voice
Your Brand Your Voice

Own and Access Your Data

Understand your users, gain valuable insights into next steps, and create more personalized experiences with the data you collect and own. Through your independent voice assistant, you'll have access to user data and the power to understand the context of your user requests, improve engagement, and grow your customer base.

See Pandora’s In-App Voice Assistant in Action

Voice Mode—Powered by Houndify—allows users to effortlessly discover and play music, hands-free.
Pandora Demo
Pandora Demo
We see a strong correlation between voice usage and user retention in the SoundHound app. Voice-enabling our app has given users a fast, efficient way to get deep access to lyrics and music insights.
Mike Zagorsek
VP of Product Marketing,
SoundHound Inc.
AI solution for any business

Multiple Languages

Look toward the future with a voice assistant that can speak any language and variations of accented language. Houndify lets you localize your mobile app for specific countries and regions and develop language-specific queries and custom commands by selecting from our extensive list of supported languages.
Beyond speech recognition
Beyond speech recognition

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