Voice Experiences Powered by SoundHound
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Voice Experiences Powered by SoundHound

We believe every brand should have a voice. As part of our mission to voice enable everything, we partner with companies in a wide range of industries to add conversational interfaces to their products, services, and apps.
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SoundHound's advanced voice AI technology integration into VIZIO's voice-enabled remote and mobile apps allows viewers to speak naturally to search for TV shows, change TV settings, switch picture modes, launch apps, search Wikipedia, check the weather, and more.


The new MBUX system is the premier intelligent multimedia interface for Mercedes-Benz cars. Houndify extends the MBUX voice experience beyond in-car functionality and into the cloud — allowing you to search for restaurants, businesses, sports scores, stock quotes and more just by asking.


Pandora has enhanced its streaming experience with a new voice interface, powered by Houndify. With the wake phrase, “Hey Pandora,” users can quickly play, pause, or skip any song, thumbs up or thumbs down tracks, and adjust volume, just by using their voice.


Hyundai has launched a range of cars globally featuring their new Dynamic Voice Recognition system—powered by Houndify. Recent launches include the Kia Seltos and Hyundai Venue in India, and 2021 Hyundai Elantra and Elantra Hybrid models in North America.
Snap Inc.Snap Inc.

Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. has partnered with SoundHound to bring the power of Houndify’s Voice AI to Snapchat's powerful new Voice Scan camera search feature. Snapchatters can use voice queries to discover and find Lenses to enhance their faces and surroundings, or identify products, songs, locations, and much more.


Netflix to include SoundHound's voice AI interface in its Da Vinci Reference Design Kit (RDK) solution—allowing operators to provide more convenient, easier, and hands-free experiences to their subscribers, while reducing time-to-market and costs with an integrated solution.


Qualcomm has enabled our advanced voice AI technology into select Snapdragon platforms, giving app developers and device manufacturers the ability to quickly and easily implement enhanced conversational voice experiences and build voice interfaces that can detect voice queries in noisy environments and when a device is already transmitting other sounds.


Mastercard, the global technology company in the payments industry, has partnered with SoundHound to voice-enable their AI Powered Drive Through Solutions. Houndify’s Voice AI technology will help deliver low-touch, high-engagement voice-ordering for quick service restaurants (QSRs) and retailers.


Kia is partnering with SoundHound to launch a custom voice assistant for their new Seltos Smart SUVs in India. Powered by Houndify, the voice interface allows users to control various aspects of the car, make calls, and search in real-time for navigation, locations of interest, weather, and more. It currently supports Indian-English accents and will soon support additional Indian languages.


We’ve partnered with Honda to develop an in-car assistant that offers hands-free convenience for drivers of the new Honda e electric car and select Honda Jazz models in Europe. The assistant currently supports five major European languages.
Deutsche TelekomDeutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, has partnered with SoundHound Inc. to bring the power of the Houndify Voice AI platform to its growing list of products and devices.


With Stellantis, we’ve developed a Houndify-powered conversational voice assistant for use across the company’s portfolio of cars: Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall models. Drivers can use their voice to adjust temperature and air conditioning, launch connected services, find nearby restaurants and businesses, and more.
White CastleWhite Castle

White Castle

White Castle, the world's first fast-food hamburger chain, has voice-enabled its drive-thru food ordering experience with Mastercard's AI Powered Drive Through solutions—powered by Houndify. The innovative voice experience offers hands-free and personalized food ordering for customers, while increasing business value through location-based upselling opportunities and dynamic menu optimization.


Motorola’s new “Hello Moto” voice assistant is powered by Houndify—offering a compelling hands-free experience on select mobile devices. Its speed and accuracy in voice recognition allows for incredibly streamlined tasks, whether it’s navigating the highways or taking a perfectly angled picture.


SoundHound’s Houndify voice AI platform is joining forces with HARMAN’s hospitality cloud AI in order to bring the power of voice to future JBL-branded solutions for the hospitality industry. This solution will provide sophisticated, voice-enabled “smart room” experiences for hotel guests.

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